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For years I have been resistant to any type of advertising or promotion of what I do.  My practice has relied totally on referrals from clients, some of whom have become an important part of my life.   My work is based on the gift of insight I was born with, which has not allowed me to ignore

it, even when it would have been easier to “fit in” if it could have remained hidden.  Now, thanks to my dear friend Lisby Mayer and her book, ”Extraordinary Knowing”, that gift will be held  up for many as an example of the unexplainable potential that we as human beings share.

I know that each of you has had the experience of knowing who is calling when the phone rings (without looking at the caller ID first, of course) or having a strong feeling about someone you haven’t seen in a long time, only to run into them at the grocery store.  These types of occurrences are interesting, but many view them as what Lisby would call “anomalous”, outside of the ordinary.

As someone who has used this gift all of my life, I can safely say that the ability to access and focus that state consistently is not only possible, but lies at varying levels of dormancy within each and every one of us.  I have been able to help many people, who by their own admission, are transformed in a sustained way.  All it takes to have access is conscious awareness of the gift and a desire to develop it.

If you are interested in having your “fortune told”, you may not be interested in the work that I do.  My work will often include information about the future or contact with a loved one who has passed, yet these things only become a focus when they are pertinent to a client’s energetic healing and accessing them are never the purpose of a session.

What I do is read energy, and the information that comes to me through you is translated into coherent concepts and returned to you, exclusively yours.  The vehicle is designed to allow you to engage your own free will and realize your own potential.  In working with energy, I trust that the people who show up are ready to hear what comes through.