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Intuitive Reading:

A one or two hour Intuitive session during which Deb will read and deliver the energetic potentials and circumstances from the past, present and future in order to help you become aware of both conscious and unconscious factors influencing your life.  There is no preparation necessary on the client’s end, Deb likes to start the session “cold”, meaning with no preconceived information influencing the reading.  Once the session is underway, the client is welcome to interact at will and even guide the session towards inspired areas of curiosity.  Deb usually encourages a two hour session for first timers, but that is totally the client’s choice.  If there is time and you have chosen a one hour reading but would like to extend, you can purchase extra time by half hour increments during the session.


60 minutes/$195.00 (prepaid

120 minutes/$390.00 (pr epaid)

30 minute extension/$100.00 (purchased before or during the session)                                                                              




Single Question Reading:

With this offering, the client can submit one question via email ( Deb will address the question and deliver the answer in an email format within 48 hours of receiving the request.

Single Question/$100.00 (prepaid)



Spiritual Consulting Session:

A one hour session designed to address the client’s concerns or questions directly in more of a conversational/counseling format.  You bring your question directly to the table and Deb will guide you in a thorough exploration of the topic so you can understand and make the most informed decision possible.

60 minutes/ $175.00 (prepaid)



Intuitive Development/Spiritual Counseling Package*:

This is a package of six one hour sessions which will take place over six or twelve weeks with the focus of sorting through the patterns that have been unconsciously created and acted upon without any awareness that they were actually created as a defense by your hidden intuitive abilities.  By identifying, understanding and applying your own personal intuitive gifts, you begin to access a power source within you that you could not have imagined existed.  This series includes a shielding meditation designed to clear the chakras and shield the energetic field from incoming static from others and the environment so the client can become aware of the difference between their own personal energy and environmental static.  You will also learn techniques of energy management and techniques of Intentional Manifestation.

*The prerequisite to taking this course is a one or two hour Intuitive Reading with Deb.  This allows Deb to assess the client’s capacity to do the necessary and sometimes challenging work of digging through the patterns to reach the creative potential.

6 Session Package: $900.00 (prepaid)

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